You can save a lot of hassle and time by arriving in Canada prepared. We help by providing preparation and settlement services both in your home country and in Canada. Some of which includes:

Travel Assistance

WISA provides students with comprehensive travel information that can help curb the cost of the overall study abroad package. Travel advisories, delays and complications can make your trip more of a headache than it needs to be. Trust our information coming from our team here in Canada.

Financial Planning

We help our clients recognize the financial implications involved in moving or studying abroad and offer financial assistance through our trusted partners in the banking industry to arrange for student loans, opening of bank accounts, support foreign currency requirements, plan funds transfer and organize credit / debit cards, both in the home country and in Canada.


We provide settlement guidance and services through our trusted partners in Canada to make transitioning to your new home seamless and easy with services cutting across various verticals. This includes short- and long-term housing leads in the area you arrive.

Settlement Guidance

Our partnership with recognized recruitment firms operating in Canada helps foster successful career paths and opportunities for our clients seeking either short term or internship employment opportunities in Canada.

Job Market Support

The job market is always changing. WISA is connected to the top recruiters and is on top of the latest government information to help newcomers who are looking to transition or start a new career.

Our experts give you the right settlement and preparation guidance
to make your move seamless.