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At WISA, our knowledgeable and skilled consultants help you navigate the process with a positive outcome in mind. We treat each application uniquely based on your purpose of visit and provide the right guidance. Our services are tailored to help you no matter your reason for travelling.

To visit Canada temporarily, you may apply for any of the categories.

Super Visa

Transit Visa

Visitor Visa

Electronic Travel Authorization

Temporary Resident Permit

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When it’s time to travel, take a trip to Canada and enjoy the sights and sounds that are just as beautiful as the people you meet and as comfortable as the home you left behind.

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DOs & DON’Ts on A Temporary Resident Visa

All visitors are expected to abide by Canadian rules and regulations to ensure they do not run against the law. It is important that when you receive your visa and travel to Canada, you understand the restrictions that apply to the Canadian visitor visa.


You can enter and stay anywhere in Canada based on a valid visitor visa for up to 6 months. Should you require more time than this, you will need to apply for an extension. On no account should you stay more than the identified time given to you without approval, else you could face deportation.

You may carry out business activities that do not require a work permit. This may include business meetings, training, or purchasing goods or services from Canadian companies. However, note that you cannot enter the Canadian labour market.

You may take a short course in less than six months. It must however not be a prerequisite for a longer academic program.


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