Making the move to a new country can be daunting. Our experts at Wisa understand this. That is why we are here to guide and connect you with pre-arrival services and pre-arrival organizations to help prepare you for and adjust to life in Canada.

These service organizations assess your needs and create a personalized plan to help you settle in Canada. They’ll connect you with any other pre-arrival services you need and with organizations for services you can get after you arrive in Canada.

Pre-arrival services can help you to:

  • Prepare for your move to Canada.
  • Get your education, work experience and credentials recognized in Canada.
  • Connect with employers to find a job.
  • Connect with free services after you arrive in Canada.

You can gain access to these free in-person and online services, if:

  • Your Permanent Residence Application has been approved.
  • You’re currently outside Canada
  • You have one of these documents:
    • A letter from the Canadian Government saying you can get pre-arrival services
    • A confirmation of permanent residence letter
    • A passport request letter that indicates Permanent Resident visa issuance
    • A letter from the Government of Canada, asking for your medical exam results
    • A single-entry permanent resident visa
    • A letter from the Government of Canada, alerting you to pick up your permanent resident visa

You can’t get pre-arrival services if you’re coming to Canada for a short time. That is, you’re a temporary resident visiting, studying or working in Canada on a visa or permit.