This service is most suitable for people who want to know if they are eligible for migrating to Canada, what immigration program best suits them, how to obtain school admission, what steps are involved and how long it will take.

Because migration is capital intensive, highly technical and requires expertise, we recognize the need to be thorough hence our consultants conduct an in-depth analysis of our client’s profile to carry out an eligibility assessment relating to the immigration program. This is to ensure we offer timely and professional advice to make the right immigration decision.

We provide initial professional consultation to review the client’s background, current situation and desired outcome. Our eligibility assessment is carried out by licensed immigration professionals who help determine your eligibility for migrating to Canada, timelines, costs, success rate and answer questions about your application. We give our clients an in-depth immigration plan, explain key milestones and provide a customized checklist to outline required documentation and up-to-date application forms thereby saving time and minimizing errors.