So, if you are looking for the best hands in immigration consultancy, Look no further.

Over the last five decades, multiculturalism in Canada has evolved from a feel-good ideal to a defining part of our national identity. And with a population of more than 5.5 million people, the Greater Toronto area is heralded as the most multicultural region in the world. It’s fitting then, that the location of WISA’s stylish corporate headquarters is nestled right in the heart of this global Newcomer Hub in Mississauga, Ontario.

Our mission is to assist newcomers by giving them a solid structure and best start — a start we didn’t necessarily have in our own immigration experiences. We look forward to being an important part of your fresh start in Canada. Our lived experience at WISA enables us to better serve you.

At WISA, we work with you to achieve your immigration goals. Our services are tailored to individual migration needs as it cuts across the different immigration spheres:

  1. Study Visa & Permit
  2. Permanent Residency
    • (Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker /Federal Skilled Trade / Canadian Experience Class)
    • Provincial Nominee Program
  3. Business visa
  4. Work Visa
  5. Visitor Visa
  6. Other Services (Family Sponsorship)
Because migration is capital intensive, highly technical, and requires expertise, we recognize the need to be thorough hence our consultants conduct an in-depth analysis of our client’s profile to carry out an eligibility assessment relating to the immigration program. This is to ensure we offer timely and professional advice to make the right immigration decision.

We provide initial professional consultation to review the client’s background, current situation and desired outcome. Our eligibility assessment is carried out by licensed immigration professionals who help determine your eligibility for migrating to Canada, timelines, costs, success rate, and answer questions about your application. We give our clients an in-depth immigration plan, explain key milestones, and provide a customized checklist to outline required documentation and up-to-date application forms thereby saving time and minimizing errors.

Some of our services include:

  • Document Drafting & Management
  • Documentation Completion & Review
  • Pre-submission Application Review Meeting
  • Submission & Tracking of Application
  • Interview Preparation
  • Immigration Plan & Advice
  • Admission Guidance
  • Financial Guidance,
  • Provision of authorized referrals for clients seeking legal representation for unsuccessful applications

Who is Consultancy for?

This service is most suitable for people who want to know if they are eligible for migrating to Canada, what immigration program best suits them, how to obtain school admission, what steps are involved and how long it will take.

Application Support

We provide professional documents & application review and advice through professional review meetings via phone, in person, or video conference with our experienced immigration professionals.

Documentation Support Services

We understand the process of gathering the required documentation for an application may be tedious due to bureaucracy or other reasons. WISA in partnership with authorized service providers helps provide support services to clients to help navigate through multiple and time-consuming processes in securing required documents such as school transcripts, identification documents, etc.

Financial Planning

We help our clients recognize the financial implications involved in moving or studying abroad and offer financial assistance through our trusted partners in the banking industry to arrange for student loans, the opening of bank accounts, support foreign currency requirements, plan funds transfer, and organize credit/debit cards, both in the home country and in Canada.

Travel Guidance

In partnership with companies providing world-class travel assistance, we offer seamless and effective travel services to our clients taking into consideration budget and preferred services.

Settlement Guidance and Services

We provide settlement guidance and services through our trusted partners in Canada to make transitioning to your new home seamless and easy with services cutting across various verticals. This includes short- and long-term settlement services i.e., housing, banking services, tax return filing, vehicle purchase/leasing, etc.

Job Market Support

Our partnership with recognized recruitment firms operating in Canada helps foster successful career paths and opportunities for our clients seeking either short- or long-term employment opportunities in Canada.
A detailed evaluation of the client’s application is carried out to ensure the information provided is accurate and filled out completely. We help analyze your application and supporting documentation against program requirements and avail you the opportunity of discussing concerns you may have pertaining to your application.
Who is Application Support for?

People preparing their own application who have important questions about it and would like a professional review of their application to eliminate errors and omissions and ultimately improve their chances of success.

Our advisory services span across different sections of the immigration programs. We seek to provide a unique customer experience whilst delivering value:

Language Training

We provide online and in-person sessions to support students in preparing for English Tests such as IELTS through our broad network of trusted and qualified partners with years of experience in delivering this service across diverse geographic locations.

Investment Advisory

We deliver strategic guidance and assistance to our clients on business immigration & investment opportunities in partnership with industry experts. Our core services include identifying businesses up for sale or actively seeking investors, performing comprehensive business / financial reviews, preparing business plans, viability assessment, providing market intelligence, and performing market analysis. We also foster relationships between investors and financial institutions to avail investors of funding programs available to support the businesses in the short to long term.