Do you Dream of Studying in a Friendly Place?

Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences one can have. As leading consultants, WISA helps you make the most of this huge investment in time and cost with our proven approach to studying abroad.

Canada is among the top countries considered to be safe and stable for international students and is a go-to study destination as a result of its openness and friendly people. It is becoming a leading destination for international education with its affordable tuition fees , quality of education and potential immigration options.

Our team of experts help you make an informed decision by offering career counselling and planning advice coupled with our transparent process, service delivery and support.

A foreigner wishing to study in Canada will require a study permit – a document which allows one to study in Canada. WISA has the expertise to help students access world class education ultimately launching them into solid careers.

Our Services

  • Counselling
  • Visa Processing
  • Coaching
  • Preparation and Settlement Services
  • Financial Planning

Wisa can guide you through the process from getting your study permit to permanent residency. Plus, with our help, you can transform a Canadian education into a Canadian permanent residence.
Our Educational Counsellor have profound knowledge of Canadian higher education and immigration, and can provide services to help you get your best start and your best chance.

Basic Steps for Studying Abroad