This is another way to migrate with your family while you watch your money grow in the sanest business climates. Your experience and business know-how are invaluable assets that can help you invest in your future with Canada’s fast-growing, diverse economy. The Business Immigration Program facilitates the admission of business people as Canadian permanent residents.

Such business must be a new business intended to be operated in Canada and must meet the criteria of a qualifying business. Applicants are assessed against three requirements:

  • Commitment from a Designated Entity: letter of support from an angel investor, venture capital, or business incubator
  • Language Ability in English, French, or both: must achieve at least benchmark level 5
  • Settlement Funds: Depending on your family size, you must show enough money to support yourself and your family after you arrive in Canada.

WISA consultants are happy to help our clients establish a successful business in Canada that makes a positive contribution to the Canadian economy.

Registering your business with the government

Registering or incorporating your business, plus how to apply for a business number or tax account.

Applying for business permits and licenses

Permits and licenses that you may need for your business from all three levels of government.